The Importance of Diminished Value and how to Know Whether you Qualify for Diminished Value

14 Dec

Usually, when you buy an asset, let's talk about a car, it is expected that the car will keep losing value, i.e., it will depreciate to a lower value. Now you can understand the diminished value as the loss of value within a specified period. If your car happens to cause an accident or is involved in an accident, the car may undergo severe damage. If the car is not properly repaired, it may undergo a diminished value. This means that you can file a claim to the insurance claiming for compensation.

It is worth noting that not all vehicles involved in an accident you may qualify for diminished value, i.e., qualify for compensation. For instance, if your car was not worth too much, or at the incident of the accident the damage is too small or insignificant then you will not qualify for diminished value. Thus you will not receive anything as diminished value. For instance, if your can does not have a substantial value, then you will not qualify for diminished value, learn more!


Another situation where you will not receive the diminished value is in a condition where you had signed the liability release form. This makes the insurance cover not to recognize you thus you won't enjoy the diminished value. Again if your car had excessive millage coverage, i.e., over 30km mile per day be aware you will not benefit from reduced value.

Another situation where you will be disqualified from enjoying diminished value is when your car is too old. Usually, a car which is older than ten years may be disqualified from diminished value. Therefore anytime you want to buy a car ensure that you know how old the car is. This will help you to increase your chances of enjoying diminished value. If the car had been declared a total loss, then you will not enjoy the diminished value, visit website!

Another situation which can make you not to enjoy the diminished value is if the car had been previously involved in a severe accident thus a huge loss. This will deny you the chances of enjoying diminished value. Make sure before you file a claim that your car was not involved in an accident in the previous months otherwise, you will just file a case and then end up not receiving the diminished value. You might want to check this website at for more facts about diminished value.

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